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Farm Works Stock software is designed for the modern livestock business that needs detailed livestock management records.


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Farm Works™ Stock software is designed for the modern livestock business that needs detailed livestock management records.  It is flexible to handle multiple animal identifications while tracking treatments, weanings, pedigrees, breeding, and animal movement.  Historical information for each animal is easy to find and the calendar provides the ideal solution to manage upcoming events.  Notes can be added to keep you organized while reports can be customized for viewing animal & herd performance, by-products, sales, and more.


Key Features

  • Track an unlimited number of animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.
  • Maintain complete and detailed records and histories on livestock by individual or group.
  • Calendar area schedules vaccinations, testing, and breeding events.
  • By-products area allows you to keep detailed records on milk, eggs, wool, etc.
  • Import animals from text files (such as a spreadsheet).  Saves time by not having to enter your animals when first starting out.
  • Compatible with most scales for importing weight information.
  • Supports industry standard ASCII File formats to read in data including university scores such as EPDs.
  • Calculate feed conversions and cost per pound gained and sold (requires Mapping or Accounting).


Easy Mapping or Accounting Upgrade

Farm Works Mapping or Accounting software can easily be added at a later time in order to provide one comprehensive management solution for your farm.  These additional software programs are needed to generate feed conversions and profit/loss statements.


See the Farm Works Livestock datasheet for complete details.


  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher
  • 128 MB Memory
  • 50 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Farm Works Mapping or Accounting software is required to have feed records.
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  • Display and print pedigrees by selecting the desired animal, then displaying its parents and/or children, continuing as far up or down the tree as desired.
  • Associate an unlimited number of digital images with each animal.


Health Records


  • Enter important vaccination records for each animal or group.
  • Set up vaccination templates for reoccurring treatments involving same or different animal groups.

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  • Print valuable information such as weaning weights, mother performance, feed conversions, and vaccinations.
  • Generates custom reports from information entered. All reports can be exported in a number of useful formats including Word, Excel, PDF, and Text.
  • Set up User Defined Fields to keep track of additional information that is of specific importance to you.


Stock Mobile


  • Easily add Stock Mobile for entering herd management records on the go.
  • Record health, weight, breeding, transfers, wean, service, and feed records.
  • Quickly monitor information on expected due dates, vaccination reminders, pregnancy checks, and other calendar events.
  • View detailed history records of each animal.
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