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May Online Newsletter
/ Other / Newsletters / May15_pic.jpg In this issue:
  • Updates to Connected Farm
  • Updates to Farm Works
  • Use Connected Farm Advisor to Streamline VRA Rx Maps
  • Plan Your Corn Maze in 2015
  • Monitor Rainfall for Each Field
  • Farm Works Online Training Schedule
  • Free Webinars on Connected Farm

Version 2015.04 Now Available

April 15, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015.04 of the Office software.

Enhancements include:

  • Support for Scroll Wheel (All Programs) – the mouse wheel can now scroll up and down on reports as well as move from page to page.
  • Support for Fuel Usage with CNH Data (Mapping) – if you import CNH data that includes fuel usage, the amount of fuel will be included in the field record.
  • Updated Support for CNH Marker Data (Mapping) – if reading CNH Data with markers, markers will automatically be displayed on the map.  Additionally, the program now supports reading marker data when there is no job data along with it.
  • New Planting Statistics by Row Report (Mapping) – a new report is available that includes statistics on singulation, skips, doubles, cv area, and seed spacing (min & max & avg & standard deviation) for each row of your planter.  This report works with planting data logged with CNH displays. The report gives summaries for each row by field with totals/averages for any date range.
  • Support for Updated Ag Leader Firmware (Mapping) – an updated Ag Leader agdata driver is available to support reading/writing data with Ag Leader display firmware version 6.3.
  • Updated Reading Tank Mixes from a FmX or TMX Display (Mapping) – materials logged with a Trimble FmX® integrated display or a TMX-2050™ display can be linked to a tank mix so that Farm Works can be used to track the amount of each ingredient in the mix that was used.
  • Updated Support for Office Sync with CFX-750 Display (Mapping) – updated Office Sync support for exchanging data wirelessly with a Trimble CFX-750™ display installed with firmware version 7 and higher.
  • Updated Support for CNH ISOXML Data (Mapping) – a new data parser for reading and writing ISOXML data with CNH displays is now available. The parser makes reading and writing ISOXML data much faster and supports section and row data as well as the automatic creation of variety maps from planting data.
  • Improved Speed of Reading Trimble Yield Data (Mapping) – the process for reading Trimble Yield data has been updated with the result being much faster processing times.
  • Updated VRA Map Report (Mapping) – the VRA Map Report now shows minimum, maximum and average rates with the distributed unit of measure.
  • Updated Financial Measures Report (Accounting) – the Financial Measures Report (ratio report) now allows you to drill down to the details for any ratio.
  • Updated Levee Generation Functionality - Buffer (Surface) – there is now a "Buffer" option where you can enter a distance and have lines extended when they get this distance from the boundary. This can be used when the elevation includes the boundary for the field and you want to ignore this elevation data when creating levee lines.
  • Updated Levee Generation Functionality - Tolerance (Surface) – now you can enter a "Tolerance" which is the amount of deviation you're willing to accept across a levee. If any part of the levee exceeds this tolerance, an error will be shown on the map so the levee can be adjusted.
  • Right-Click Option to Create a Drainage Completed Layer (Surface) – right-click on a field and select Add and then select Drainage Completed Layer to create a new Drainage Completed Layer.


Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

Video: Using the Connected Farm Dashboard

April 10, 2015 - The Connected Farm™ dashboard provides a single location for viewing key information impacting your farm. With this information, you will be able to make more informed daily decisions on using the latest data. The dashboard is customizable and accessible via any device with an Internet connection, including Trimble's new TMX-2050™ display.

The dashboard offers customizable widgets. A widget can be commodity prices, weather, Doppler radar, rainfall totals, irrigation monitoring, fleet locations, field operation maps, scouting data, and field boundaries. They can be moved to different parts of the screen and resized to suit your preference.

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Farm Works Mobile 2015 Now Available

April 6, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015 of the Mobile software.

Enhancements include:

  • Support for Additional Com Port Numbers (Mobile) – the GPS Setup and Controller/Sensor Setup boxes now supports Com Ports from Com 0 to Com 99.
  • View Elevation Based on the Unit of Measure Selected (Mobile) – when elevation is displayed it will show in Feet when US English is selected and Meters when Metrics is selected.
  • Updated Mobile to use the Standard Browse Box (Mobile) – when using a Windows device (not Windows Mobile or Windows CE) it now uses the standard Windows browse boxes.
  • Updated Loading of Background Aerial Images (Mobile) – resolved issue where loading calibrated background images would sometimes give an error.
  • Support for Arrow Keys on a Yuma 2 (Mobile) – you can now use the arrow keys to scroll on the map when using the software on a Trimble Yuma® 2 rugged tablet computer.


Customers of the Mobile software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features.  To download the latest version, use the download link:

Video: Report of Financial Measures
March 19, 2015 - This instructional video shows you how to use the "Report of Financial Measures" offered in version 2015.03 of Farm Works Accounting software.  It can print all 21 financial measures that the Farm Financial Standards Council has outlined in the Financial Guidelines for Agriculture.  Ratios can be printed for one to five years and can help you understand trends of what is and what is not working on your farm. / Other / News / Connected Farm / Rations-CF-Image.jpg


March Online Newsletter
/ Other / Newsletters / Mar15_pic.jpg In this issue:
  • TMX-2050 Display Offers App Connectivity
  • Simplify Field Record Keeping
  • Connected Farm Field Calculates Profit & Loss
  • Farm Works Accounting Offers Financial Ratios
  • Prepare for Soil Sampling Season
  • Online Training Schedule
  • Classroom Training Schedule

Version 2015.03 Now Available

February 23, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015.03 of the Office software.

Enhancements include:

  • Financial Measures Report (Accounting) – a new reporting feature that uses the 21 financial measures (also known as ratios) that the Farm Financial Standards Council ( has outlined in their document "Financial Guidelines for Agriculture".  This report is interactive and allows you to click on any ratio to see how it is computed in order to learn how the values are calculated.  Ratios can be printed for one to five years and can help you understand trends of what is and what is not working on your farm.
  • Updated Storage Location Edits for Harvest Jobs (Accounting) – if you edit the crop location for a harvest job (assuming the location for the crop is the field), the program will change the storage location from the old field to the new field.
  • Fix for Sales Date Transactions (Accounting) – resolved issue when editing the date of a sale transaction (in Transaction Maintenance) would change the Working Date to the new date.
  • Added Right-Click Option to "Assign Crop Enterprise" (Mapping) – it is now possible to select a group of fields on the map and right-click and select "Assign Crop Enterprise" to assign an enterprise to the selected fields.
  • Support for for CNH Multi-Swath Data (Mapping) – many enhancements including speed improvements when working with CNH Multi-Swath data.
  • Support for Ag Leader Headland Guidance Patterns (Mapping) – the Read Job Data process can now import Ag Leader Headland Guidance Patterns and Write Job Data can export them out.
  • Display Marker Data (Mapping) – you can now create and display a legend for marker data from any precision farming display.
  • Support for CNH Sugarcane Yield Data (Mapping) – you can now import CNH sugarcane yield data and view a map of the information.


Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

February Online Newsletter
/ Other / Newsletters / Feb15_pic.jpg In this issue:
  • Demo Connected Farm and Receive a Free Gift
  • New and Improved Commodities Widget
  • Request Access to Connected Farm Advisor
  • Farm Works Version 2015.02
  • Online Training Schedule
  • Classroom Training Schedule

Farm Works Mobile - User Testimonial

February 3, 2015 - E4 Crop Intelligence is a precision ag solution that integrates services and technology into one cohesive platform.  Data-generated maps, monitor-ready variable rate instructions, crop planning and analytics, seed positioning, crop consulting, soil sampling, precision equipment services and more—the E4 platform excels at turning raw field data into actionable crop intelligence.  Ben Michael is the Soil Sampling and Precision Equipment Manager at E4 Crop Intelligence, located in Woodbine, Iowa.

/ Other / News / Soil Sampling / e4(225x122).jpg

Demo Connected Farm and Get a Free Gift

January 29, 2015 - Trimble will be demonstrating the latest Connected Farm™ innovations at the upcoming farm shows.  Stop by our booth to learn why our data management solutions are better than the rest.  To show our appreciation for your time, you’ll take home a free gift.  We’ll also provide you up to 200 acres of free Connected Farm Purepixel™ and Rainwave® Contour Map services ($400 value) when setting up your account at the booth.  This way you can analyze your crop health imagery from 2014 and track precise rainfall maps during the upcoming growing season.

February 3-5
Iowa Power Show
Des Moines, IA
Booth# 1133

February 10-12
World Ag Expo
Tulare, CA
Booth# 3116, 3117

February 11-14
National Farm Machinery Show
Louisville, KY
Booth# 4028

February 26-28
Commodity Classic
Phoenix, AZ
Booth# 801


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