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User Story - Building Levees with Surface

September 19, 2011 - Rolling at 6 mph, Mississippi rice farmer Mitch Wilson’s levee plow throws up a berm of soil that’s perfectly contoured to the land. The new levee is built to the optimal height for holding water in his rice paddy. Wilson is among the first rice farmers to use GPS guidance for levee building. Compared to the way he used to do it, with a laser and his best guess, this is flying.  Sub-inch RTK and GLONASS, along with Trimble® Farm Works Surface software, is the perfect partner for the Trimble FieldLevel II leveling system on his FmX™ integrated display. Wilson’s levee project is not only faster than with a laser, it’s more accurate and better-planned.

New Trimble Products Revealed at Farm Progress Show

September 16, 2011 - Watch Trimble announce their new products (CenterPoint™ RTX™, EZ-Pilot™, WM-Drain™ Farm Drainage Solution, and Harvest Solutions) at the 2011 Farm Progress Show.


User Story - Groholski Farms Stays Connected

July 14, 2011 - Ed Groholski, who farms close to 2000 acres in south central Michigan, can tell you a thing or two about the evolution of GPS.  His first experience was in the late 90’s using a GPS receiver to access WAAS satellites for manual guidance jobs.  Today, Ed uses a combination of satellites and cellular technology for his GPS corrections.  Connected to his Trimble® FmX® display, the DCM-300 modem uses cellular technology to improve his repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy.  There is also the added benefit of maintaining a higher level of accuracy throughout the day – ideal when using his Trimble Autopilot™ automated steering system.  “We like the flexibility of the DCM-300 modem because it can use a third party correction service (such as CORS) while using the same data plan for wireless data transfer,” says Ed.  Data transfer between the field and farm office can include A-B guidance lines, field records, yield maps, as-applied maps, and other important data.  The modem data plans (Verizon or AT&T) are also available through Trimble which eliminates the guesswork when using the technology for the first time.

Farm Works Expands Social Networking Options

July 13, 2011 - Did you know that Farm Works was the first ag software company to offer online discussion boards using the Internet?  Launched in 1994, the online discussion boards became a popular social networking site for customers looking for answers to their questions or a way to communicate with others.  Expanding our social networking to Facebook and YouTube allows Farm Works to share more information about new product announcements, version enhancements, class and show schedules, and other topics of interest – providing you more ways to stay connected with Farm Works.

Using Pro - Crumbaugh Farms User Story

May 1, 2011 — Chad Gruden, agronomist for Crumbaugh Farms, knows a thing or two about creating variable rate prescription maps in central Michigan. Prior to using Farm Works Pro he used a competing product to create maps for P, K, and lime. A few of the drawbacks of his prior software was the multiple steps in creating maps and the yearly expense of $800 a year to keep the software working. Chad points out, “Farm Works Pro was less expensive and allowed me to utilize the same formula as the competing program.” One of the advantages of Pro is the ability to build or utilize existing formulas from other software. Pro’s user-friendly interface allows the use of simple math in creating a formula specific to the needs of the grower. If you have a formula you want to use from another Farm Works user, sharing is possible by copying the XML file from one computer and pasting it to another. This way you utilize the same formula as your consultant or neighbor.

DCM-300 Modem Now Available

February 3, 2011 — The rugged and robust DCM-300 modem provides wireless 3G connectivity for Connected Farm™ solutions.  It enables reliable access to Trimble® VRS Now™Ag RTK corrections as well as other 3rd party network RTK solutions.

The modem can also be used for wireless data transfer between the Trimble FmX® or CFX-750™ displays and Farm Works office software.  It offers a flexible solution for asset tracking that can be used with any equipment brand.  The DCM-300 is available with either EV-DO Rev A or a global ready HSDPA/UMTS network technology which support popular cellular networks such as Verizon and AT&T.

Click here for more information.

Connected Farm Wins Award at WAE

The Connected Farm™ will be presented the Top-10 New Product Award at the upcoming World Ag Expo (WAE) in Tulare, California on February 8-10, 2011.  Judges (composed of local and national farmers and agribusiness professionals) selected the Connected Farm as one of the best new products from a wide range of entries.  To see more information about the new products at WAE, please click here.

Green Rivers Utilizing Connected Farm

Farming in Utah can be exciting, yet demanding.  One of the challenges that faces farmers in Green River, Utah, is the lack of precipitation.  Although the average rainfall is a mere 7.11 inches per year, the land is very fertile.  Ryan Thornock, CFO of Green River Companies, manages 7,500 acres (2,500 acres tillable) for growing melons, feed corn, alfalfa, potatoes, wheat, and sweet corn.  The farm is well known for their tasty melons, but water management is always a concern.  The nearby river provides enough irrigated water during the growing season, still there are many challenges.  Ryan points out, “Water isn’t free in Utah, so tracking our costs on the computer is important for better decision making.”

Farm Works Launches Improved Web Store

Hamilton, Indiana, October 6, 2010 — Today, Farm Works Information Management, a division of Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), launched a new web store for new and existing customers available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.  Guests to the store will experience an updated interface to the shopping cart.  The shopping cart is streamlined to not only handle orders for software and mobile computers, but also services – such as Update Service Plans and Connected Farm solutions.  If orders are placed for software with a credit card, customers are granted instant access to their software product codes and a download link for installing the current version.  Also, the owner of the store account can access it at any time to retrieve software product codes in the event of reinstalling the software to a new computer.

Customers who place orders on the store have the ability to select their Trimble/Farm Works Information Management dealer.  Not only does this provide the customer the convenience of ordering their Farm Works products from home, but it also strengthens the relationship between customers and dealers.

Order tracking has also been enhanced.  Customers can log into their store account to view if an item has been shipped.  Once an item has been shipped from the store, a tracking number is available for locating packages.

To visit the store, click here.

Free Map Viewing Software

The View software provides an excellent starting point for reading and writing job data to popular precision farming devices.  The free software can read data from a wide range of precision farming devices in order to display and print yield maps, as-applied maps, coverage maps, and more.  Other features of View include the ability to build a list of clients, farms, and field names.  Once the list is customized to your needs, it can then be written to a wide range of precision farming devices for data management.

The View software can easily be upgraded to the Farm Works® office solutions without losing any previously entered data.  When View is upgraded to the Farm Works office solutions, new and exciting features will be added to your software for:

  • Displaying Google™ Maps
  • Importing other layers such as soil types and soil test results
  • Utilizing layer transparency tool for displaying multiple layers at one time
  • Creating variable rate prescription maps
  • Printing extensive chemical, seed, equipment, and other field reports
  • Viewing profit maps
  • Integrating financial records to print enterprise statements on fields, livestock groups, and equipment

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