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Featured Story: Accounting Success

December 1, 2011 — Autumn Hofer of Mitchell, SD shares her successful journey using the Farm Works accounting software.  

Staying Connected at Indy Family Farms

November 4, 2011 - Indy Family Farms in Greenwood, Indiana is staying more connected with their precision ag data.  They are a fifth generation farm that managed 1200 acres in 1996 and have expanded 10-fold today, covering five counties southwest of Indianapolis.  The farm has struggled with the logistics of managing data because the fields can be over 50 miles away from the home office.  The Connected Farm™ solution was introduced to the farm in Spring 2011 and now plays a big role in their data collection.  Dan Moeller, technology specialist for the farm, handles the farm precision ag data and utilizes the Farm Works™ office solutions to analyze and print reports.  Dan states, “The Connected Farm has been a great asset to the farm by streamlining data management, eliminating the need for a physical (USB) storage device delivered to the office for data transfer.  Prior to Connected Farm, it was difficult for us to receive the data from the storage device in a timely manner.  Now when the combine operator completes a harvest job on the Trimble® FmX® display, the data appears on my computer within the hour.”

Yuma Docking Stations Now Available

October 17, 2011 - The Trimble Yuma Vehicle Docking Station, compatible with RAM Mount components, can be installed in virtually any vehicle and expands the connectivity of the Yuma tablet computer. When mounted on the docking station, the Yuma tablet can automatically connect to its peripheral devices, including an optional external GPS antenna. With its quick release, the Vehicle Docking Station allows users to easily remove the Yuma tablet computer and carry it in the field. The docking station is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, enabling the tablet’s batteries to charge while the vehicle is running.

The functionality of the Trimble Yuma tablet can be further expanded with the Office Docking Station for connecting to an external monitor, printer, or other office peripherals. The dock also provides two bays for recharging a spare set of batteries for your tablet.

Version 2012 Now Available

September 6, 2011-  Farm Works Software® has released Version 2012.  Some of the major additions to the office solutions include:

  • Harvested Crop Sales Contracts - Enter contracts and print reports to better manage the position of your unsold crops as well as to manage delivery on contracts.
  • Variety Layer - Converts planting data into polygons so that these maps can be sent out to variety locator features on supported displays including the Trimble® FmX™.
  • Yield Variety Report - Enables you to take a yield map and merge it with the variety layer to better understand which varieties performed better.
  • Copy of Attributes for Lines, Polygons, and Points - Allows the ability to copy attributes of a line, polygon, and point from one layer to another.
  • Support for Trimble FmX Variety Locator
  • 3D Drainage Design and Verification Capability - Layout and design drainage tile by size, pipe type, phase, then enter the minimum depth, maximum depth, and optimum grade for each. Make adjustments based on profile view as needed and set and change water outlet direction.

To view additional features in Version 2012, please click here

To download version 2012, click here.  This download provides a complete office install for Trac, Funds, Stock, Site, Pro, and Surface.  In order to download the latest version, you must be subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP).  If you are not subscribed to the USP, you can order one by utilizing the Farm Works Store or by calling 1-800-225-2848.

If you have previously installed version 2011 or older of Farm Works Office, you will need new software product codes in order to install version 2012.  If you are subscribed to the USP and you have a Farm Works store account, you can access your version 2012 software codes by visiting the Farm Works Store and logging into your store account.  Your updated version 2012 software codes will be listed in the “My Software” tab of the Store.  If you do not have a store account, you can access your version 2012 software codes by calling 1-800-225-2848.

New! Office Manual for Version 2012

September 30, 2011 — Farm Works Software® has released a new manual for the office solutions (Trac, Funds, Site, Pro, and Surface) for Version 2012 or higher.  Detailed help on key features of Version 2012 (such as 3D design within Surface or harvested crop sales contracts within Funds) can be found in this manual.

Soil Sampling Video

September 27, 2011 - Grower and consultant Chris Eschoffen discusses how he uses the rugged Trimble® Yuma® computer and Farm Works™ Mobile software for soil sampling.

User Story - Building Levees with Surface

September 19, 2011 - Rolling at 6 mph, Mississippi rice farmer Mitch Wilson’s levee plow throws up a berm of soil that’s perfectly contoured to the land. The new levee is built to the optimal height for holding water in his rice paddy. Wilson is among the first rice farmers to use GPS guidance for levee building. Compared to the way he used to do it, with a laser and his best guess, this is flying.  Sub-inch RTK and GLONASS, along with Trimble® Farm Works Surface software, is the perfect partner for the Trimble FieldLevel II leveling system on his FmX™ integrated display. Wilson’s levee project is not only faster than with a laser, it’s more accurate and better-planned.

New Trimble Products Revealed at Farm Progress Show

September 16, 2011 - Watch Trimble announce their new products (CenterPoint™ RTX™, EZ-Pilot™, WM-Drain™ Farm Drainage Solution, and Harvest Solutions) at the 2011 Farm Progress Show.


User Story - Groholski Farms Stays Connected

July 14, 2011 - Ed Groholski, who farms close to 2000 acres in south central Michigan, can tell you a thing or two about the evolution of GPS.  His first experience was in the late 90’s using a GPS receiver to access WAAS satellites for manual guidance jobs.  Today, Ed uses a combination of satellites and cellular technology for his GPS corrections.  Connected to his Trimble® FmX® display, the DCM-300 modem uses cellular technology to improve his repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy.  There is also the added benefit of maintaining a higher level of accuracy throughout the day – ideal when using his Trimble Autopilot™ automated steering system.  “We like the flexibility of the DCM-300 modem because it can use a third party correction service (such as CORS) while using the same data plan for wireless data transfer,” says Ed.  Data transfer between the field and farm office can include A-B guidance lines, field records, yield maps, as-applied maps, and other important data.  The modem data plans (Verizon or AT&T) are also available through Trimble which eliminates the guesswork when using the technology for the first time.

Farm Works Expands Social Networking Options

July 13, 2011 - Did you know that Farm Works was the first ag software company to offer online discussion boards using the Internet?  Launched in 1994, the online discussion boards became a popular social networking site for customers looking for answers to their questions or a way to communicate with others.  Expanding our social networking to Facebook and YouTube allows Farm Works to share more information about new product announcements, version enhancements, class and show schedules, and other topics of interest – providing you more ways to stay connected with Farm Works.

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