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June 27-28 Training in Greensburg, IN

Next Generation Centre
355 Smith Rd.
Greensburg, IN  47240

June 27, 2012

  • 8am - 9am: Registration
  • 9am - 4:30pm: Training

June 28, 2012

  • 8am - 8:30am: Day 1 Review
  • 8:30am - 4:30pm: Training

Please call Roger Dumond at 1-812-663-5081 or email to register for this class.

Vehicle Sync Now Available
 May 29, 2012 - Vehicle Sync is a component of Trimble's Connected Farm™ solution. Vehicle Sync allows real-time wireless data transmission between multiple vehicles operating in the same field.
/ index / VS_(100x300).jpg Users with vehicles that are equipped with a combination of the FmX® integrated display and a DCM-300 modem with a simple unlock can allow vehicles to share guidance lines, coverage mapping, point/area/line features, as well as the vehicle icons of other operating units within a field.

Operators or managers no longer need a USB drive to move the data from one unit to another during critical operating times of the year. This improves operational efficiency and accuracy with up-to-date information being shared in real-time.

Farm Progress Article - Mapping Tile Lines

May 11, 2012 — The May edition of the Farm Progress Indiana Prairie Farmer explains how one farmer uses Farm Works™ Mobile to map his tile lines so that they are easier to find in the future.

Indiana Prairie Farmer

Michigan Farmer Offers Tips to Beginners

April 26, 2012 - Mike Blashill of Croswell, MI has enjoyed his recent success with Farm Works and would like to share his experience with others.  He purchased the Farm Works program in 2001 and admitted that other priorities at the time forced him to stop using it.  Mike says, “I had good intentions of using the software, but the timing of the purchase combined with my limited computer experience was just too much to overcome”.  Mike admits that it wasn’t the software’s fault; it was just too easy to go back to the old way of tracking records which involved filing receipts in a plastic container and sorting them before tax season.

Progressive Farmer - Tech Heads in Ag

March 6, 2012 - Tech Heads

DTN/The Progressive Farmer went looking for a few tech heads, and we offer you a glimpse at how three of them use digital technologies in innovative ways.

Joe Hartung, 27, Arena, Wisconsin

Chris Eschhofen, 52, Bryan, Ohio

Dietrich Kastens, 40, Herndon, Kansas

Version 2012.03.517 Now Available

February 10, 2012 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2012.03.517 of the Office and View software.  Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

Office software enhancements include:

  • Attach Invoices and Receipts to Transactions – Available in Accounting for attaching any number of files to each transaction. This can be used to attach scanned copies of source documents (such as invoices & check stubs). This feature also includes a "Create" button that allows you to create a text file with any amount of text (for long notes) that will be attached to the transaction. Attached files can be viewed by clicking on the Paperclip button in the Account register or in the Trial Balance details.
  • Equipment Efficiency Report – Available in Mapping or Accounting for listing equipment details for each job including the acres/hectares worked, hours worked, and yield.  It then computes efficiency based on the acres/hectares per hour and the yield per hour.  The report can be grouped either by field, equipment, or personnel and is intended as a way to evaluate the efficiency of equipment and personnel.  The report can be printed or exported as a .csv file.
  • Support for Exporting VRA Maps to Muller Controllers – Available in Mapping the "Write Job Data" box now offers an export option for Muller Controllers.
  • Boundary Editing Includes Split Tool – Available in Mapping when you are editing a field boundary, the program will now give you the Split tools which can be used to split the field into different sections.
  • Support for CNH Boundaries, Guidance, and Obstacle Maps — Available in Mapping for reading Case IH and New Holland data. When one of these options is selected, the software will read in boundary, guidance, and obstacle maps collected with a Pro 600 or Pro 700 display. This same data will export back to the display via Write Job Data.

View software enhancements include:

  • Create Inputs (People, Equipment, and Supplies) - Capability to set up people, equipment, and supplies (which work with Read & Write Job data with supported precision ag devices).
  • Print Job Summary Report - This report gives job details including dates/times worked, product usage, equipment usage, labor usage and field and weather conditions.
  • Layer Animation Tool - A tool for painting a map on the screen in the order that it was created. The feature includes a drop-down list where you can speed up or slowdown the playback. This feature is useful for displaying maps such as spray, planting and harvest maps. This makes it possible to review the order and direction that a field was farmed.
  • Support for CNH Boundaries, Guidance, and Obstacle Maps — Available for reading Case IH and New Holland data. When one of these options is selected, the software will read in boundary, guidance, and obstacle maps collected with a Pro 600 or Pro 700 display. This same data will export back to the display via Write Job Data.

The View upgrade is for customers who are using the Farm Works View software only. Customers must use the download link to install these features:

Warning:  Do not install View if you have already installed the Farm Works office software (Mapping, Accounting, Stock, or Surface).  View is a complimentary download for those wanting to only view and print maps of precision ag data.  View can easily be upgraded to the Farm Works office software without losing any previously entered data.  The Farm Works office software provides many additional features for analyzing maps and printing job reports.

February FIN Article on Connected Farm

February 9, 2012 - Data Analysis Lessons from Indy Family Farms

Last fall, access to real-time yield monitor data paid off big-time for Indy Family Farms.  Soon after yield data from each harvested field began to roll in via a new wireless communication system, Chester Birch and Dan Moeller had confirmed what they had feared — yields were running lower than expected.

Great American Insurance Announcement

Jan. 17, 2012—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today a strategic alliance with Great American Insurance Group to help farmers automate their crop insurance reporting under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Federal Crop Insurance Program. The new recordkeeping system makes it possible for Farm Works™ users to submit their crop insurance records electronically to Great American Insurance Group. The time-saving solution makes it simple for farmers to transfer planting and harvest data directly to the Great American Insurance Group systems from their Farm Works Mapping software.

The announcement was made today at the Trimble Agriculture Reseller Conference.

Farm Works Reorganizes Office Solutions

Jan. 17, 2012 — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced a product reorganization within its Farm Works™ Information Management division. Office software solutions for field record keeping, mapping and analysis that were once sold separately are available as one complete solution: Farm Works Mapping. This solution maintains its simple interface for exchanging precision agriculture mapping and field records data while providing more functionality, analysis, and reporting options.

In addition, Farm Works Accounting now includes all the cash and accrual accounting functionality as well as crop record keeping tools. The accounting software provides a full general ledger system for managing financial records with the flexibility to integrate with the Farm Works Mapping software to show precision farming’s return on investment. .

Farm Works Mapping retails for US$750 and Farm Works Accounting for US$750. Existing customers with an Update Service Plan subscription will receive the new integrated solutions at no charge.

New Video: Transferring Yield Data

December 15, 2011 - Ed Groholski (grower in Burlington, Michigan) talks about his complete Trimble® solution and how it helps him manage his yield data during harvest. The FmX® display in the combine captures his harvest information and simplifies data management by sending it wirelessly back to the office.

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