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Farm Works Introduces Surface Software to Provide Surface Drainage Analysis and Design

Hamilton, Indiana, April 9, 2010 — Farm Works, a division of Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), introduced today Surface software, specifically designed for farm surface and sub-surface drainage applications.

Surface software works with the Autoslope feature of Trimble’s AgGPS® FieldLevel II system, which runs on the FmX™ integrated display.  The desktop software allows farmers and drainage contractors to analyze fields surveyed with FieldLevel II by viewing 3D field models, watershed maps, contours, surface flow paths, and waterflow directions.  From this analysis, the user can easily determine the most appropriate and efficient locations for surface ditches or farm tile drainage lines.  These lines can be drawn on the map taking into account the field topography and real world obstacles by viewing them over a Google® Maps image.

Once the Surface software is synchronized with the FmX integrated display, farmers and drainage contractors can utilize the Autoslope feature to optimize the slopes and depths to create efficient farm tile drainage networks or surface ditches to help ensure optimal field drainage, which can lead to increased yields.

Surface combined with the new Farm Works Sync solution allows farmers and drainage contractors to wirelessly deliver completed drainage designs to the FmX integrated display via Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solutions.

“Surface provides a visual way for farmers and drainage contractors to have much more control over their drainage systems, whether they are on the surface or sub-surface," said Ian Harley, business unit director for Farm Works.  “When Surface is combined with our current solutions including the FmX integrated display and the Farm Works desktop software, drainage design and implementation becomes easier and more seamless than ever before, providing our customers with all the tools they need to achieve increased yields.”

The Surface solution is expected to be available in April 2010.  Contact Farm Works at 1-800-225-2848 for more information.

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