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Version 2015.07 Now Available

December 21, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015.07 of the Office software.

Enhancements include:

  • Commonly Used Reports Menu (All) – the Reports menu now has sub-menus for "Recent" and "Most Viewed". The Recent option shows the 20 most recently viewed reports in the order they were viewed. Most Viewed shows the 15 reports that you have used the most with the most viewed reports listed first.
  • New! Pre-Harvest Interval Report (Mapping) – a new report is now available showing applications of chemicals that have a PHI which includes the area, rate, and quantity applied along with the PHI and the Earliest Available Harvest Date.
  • Enhanced Yield by Variety Report (Mapping) – a graph is now included on the Yield by Variety Report to help visualize the average yield for each variety.
  • Additional Support for Ag Leader Data Files (Mapping) – updates to reading Ag Leader planting files (*.ilf) as well as reading granular application files (*.agdata).  Support also includes reading Ag Leader spray files (*.agdata) when tank mixes are involved.  Now tank mixes default to the point size of the data to match the swath width of the implement. 
  • Additional Support for ISOXML Files (Mapping) – updates to reading/writing ISOXML/Taskdata for all displays (AGCO, CNH, Claas, DICKEY-john, Topcon, and Trimble). The new process supports the latest file formats and includes major improvements in speed. The old processor is still available under "Generic Import" as "ISOXML Task Controller - Legacy".
  • Enhancements to VRA and Application Map Legend Templates (Mapping) – legend templates can now be saved for any map that includes a supply (including VRA maps and supply application/coverage maps).  This feature saves time when creating multiple VRA maps that use the same supply and the same legend is required.
  • Improved Support for FODM Files (Mapping) – better support for extremely large data sets that include a large number of feature layer items when writing out to FODM (*.xml) format.
  • Job Report Enhancements (Mapping) – if you select multiple jobs from the "Jobs" tab and print the Job Summary Report, the last page will give input totals for all selected jobs.
  • New! Coverage View of Point Data (Mapping) – a new "Coverage" view of point data is now available for any point data that includes a width.  The coverage view shows the data as polygons.  If the data has row or section views, the polygons will be at the smallest level.  This coverage view will only be available for data that was imported in with version 2015.07 or higher.
  • Updated Crop Summary Report (Mapping) – when selecting the "Group by FSA Info" option in the Crop Summary Report, the report better separates fields by FSA Tract.
  • New Support for Road Map Imagery (Mapping) – the Background Imagery button is now a drop-down that lets you select between displaying just Road Maps (with Labels) or combined Road & Satellite Maps (with labels).
  • Fixed Reading Materials with Trimble Precision-IQ App (Mapping) – if reading data collected with a Trimble TMX-2050™ display using the Precision-IQ app, material logged will now import properly.
  • Fixed Reading Materials with Trimble FmX Display (Mapping) – if a material is logged in the Event Attributes of the FmX®, that material will now be read into Farm Works Software. In the past this would have been shown as N/A.
  • Additional Support for Reading Trimble SIS Data (Mapping) – when importing Soil Information System™ (SIS) data, additional attributes are now supported as well as the creation of a "Core Locations" layer that shows where cores were pulled. This also supports the automatic reading of boundary data collected with SIS.
  • Updated Support for Yara Data (Mapping) – a new data driver (FODD) can be used to read the latest Yara file format.
  • Updated Support for CNH Displays (Mapping) – it is now possible to write out job data to both .cn1 and ISOXML/Task data at the same time. This would typically be used with a task controller on a CNH display. There are options where you can specify what types of data to include in each file type (.cn1 and ISOXML).
  • Improvements to Bank Statement Import (Accounting) – added support for importing bank statement data when using a *.ofx file format.
  • New Option for Accounts Payable Coming Due (Accounting) – a new option for payables coming due can be found under the menu Accounting > Payments & Purchases. This brings up a window that comes up when you start the program and shows payables that are due in the near future (or overdue) and allows you to pay them from this window.
  • New Filter Option for Storage Locations (Accounting) – if using the Edit Filter button to filter jobs, a new option to filter by storage location is now available.  This feature will show only harvest jobs for the selected harvest location.
  • Support for 2015 Tax Forms (Accounting) – updated support for 2015 Forms 1099-Misc & 1096 and W-2 and W-3.
  • Updated Support for 2016 Federal & FICA/Medicare Withholding Taxes (Accounting) – this release includes the preliminary 2016 Tax Withholding Tables for Federal and FICA and Medicare withholding. Note that if the final rates are different from the preliminary rates, an update will be available in January with the final rates.
  • Updated Support for E-Filing (Accounting) – updates to electronic filing for 2015 W-2, W-3, and 1099-Misc & 1096 data.
  • Improvements to Cash Flow Statement (Accounting) – improvements to asset trades where the trade-in is worth more than the equipment being purchased and you are receiving money from the trade.


Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

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