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Yuma 2 Docking Station Now Available

October 2, 2013 - The Office Docking Station quickly recharges the batteries of the Yuma® 2 tablet when it is docked.  The two independent battery charging slots enable you to recharge an extra set of batteries, charging either at the same time or independently of the Yuma 2 tablet itself.

The dock can also facilitate the tablet’s use as an office, by connecting a keyboard, mouse and wired Ethernet network.

There are three status LED’s on the front of the Office Docking Station that indicate power is connected to the tablet and the charging status of batteries in the charging wells.  As a reminder, the Yuma 2 tablet has a battery status LED on the upper left of the unit that signals when the tablet is fully charged.

The connection options for the Office Docking Station are:

  • Three USB host ports; one on the right side and two on the back
  • One Ethernet port on the back of the Office Docking Station
  • Audio jack for headphones or external speakers

The Office Docking Station includes a large capacitive stylus that enables users to use the touch screen without having to use the stylus that is attached to the tablet. The front of the dock features two horizontal slots for convenient storage of the stylus when not in use.

Contact your local reseller or visit the Connected Farm Store to purchase.

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