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Re: splitting and merging

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February 26, 2014 12:06PM
Hey Mike,

So you have a 100 acre field. The field boundaries do not change from year to year.
What IS changing is the enterprise within these field boundaries. You can have multiple enterprises within the same field within the same year. It will be the enterprise boundaries which will need to be edited or split.

First and foremost, make a Backup.!!!!

In your case you would have had a 2013 Chem Fallow enterprise on this 100 acre field. My first question is how do you want to treat your chem fallow enterprise? Will it be a stand alone enterprise which ends when you seed your 2014 crop in the fall, or are you merging this fallow enterprise into the fall seeded crop to account for the expenses as prep costs for the successive crop?

End enterprise: right click on the "enterprise", select Properties, check the box for Ended enterprise before harvest, next to harvest date.

Speculating; Sept 1 you have seeded this 100 acre "field" to Winter Canola thus creating a 2014 Winter Canola "enterprise" on this field.
Myself; I would merge this 2013 Chem Fallow enterprise into the 2014 Winter Canola enterprise to account for the associated prep costs. This will ultimately remove any 2013 enterprise from the field, basically because it was a cost only enterprise in which the costs are recaptured in the susequent crop enterprise.
Resources/ Enterprise, multi select the two enterprises and merge into 2014 Winter Canola

Oct 1 you decide to reseed 60 acres to Winter Wheat. Next question; are you going to manually split this 'enterprise' within the software or do you actually have a 2014 Winter Wheat seeding job with a coverage or application map from a monitor from the drill/ tractor?

Make sure you are working on the 2014 Winter Canola "enterprise" (top layer within the Displayed layer box) when splitting manually. To split manually, right click on the 2014 Winter Canola enterprise and select Edit boundaries. Use the split tool to draw your split. Several options available to accomplish this. You can have the coverage or application layer underneath this enterprise layer to use as a guideline for the split. You could also the copy and paste options if you are comfortable with these, in which you can copy the 2014 Winter Wheat application area and paste addition into the 2014 Winter Canola enterprise edit boundaries map. Careful. Try this in a play project first to make sure you get the procedure down.

Now that you have your 2014 Winter Canola split, Saved and Closed, right click, Properties, in each area and edit the enterprise acreage to reflect the correct acreage for each area. Or Resources/ Enterprise, select enterprise, Edit

If you did a 2014 Winter Wheat seeding job on this field, then you should already have this enterprise listed under this field. If not, then you need to create a new enterprise, right click on "field" in tree and New Crop enterprise and create this enterprise.

Now if you go to Resources/ Enterprise, filter year 2014, you should have two 2014 Winter Canola enterprises and a 2014 Winter Wheat enterprise listed for this field. Look at the properties of the two canola enterprises and make note as to which is which in the list, upper, lower one and the 60/ 40 split. You will want to select the 60 acre canola enterprise and merge it with the 2014 Winter wheat enterprise.

This is probably the biggest hurdle to understanding the program, terminolgy. Understanding the difference between fields and enterprises. Fields are fields and their boundaries rarely change. The field is just an area.
Enterprises, or annual crops, within fields change continuously, as do their boundaries from time to time. It is the enterprise that we actually do the work in and is the production area.

Now Kathy may shoot me out of the water on this, or she may just shoot me.

But these are my observations and procedures and in no way may be the correct way to go about it, but it works for me.

Hopefully helpful,


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