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Table Access Contd.

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October 02, 1997 12:00AM
Well, yeah, but how are you going to do those calculations unless I write that part too? Unless you're wanting to get at the tables in another database or spreadsheet of some kind, in which case you can do it today with a minimum of fuss:

o Points layers may be exported with Generic Export, used in your favorite spreadsheet, then reimported with Generic Import.

o Area layers keep all the base data in a Paradox database called data0000.db in the appropriate directory. The easiest way to find the correct directory, in version 5.1, is to hold down the shift key while you right-click on the layer in the layer management box, then select Information. You can modify this database in place if you wish. If you need a new column, though, make sure to create it with Farm Works, or Farm Works will ignore it.

o Points and Area layers may both be exported as ArcView Shape files. Shape files keep the attribute data in a dBase file (with a .dbf extension.) Most spreadsheets and databases can deal with .dbf files just fine. When you're finished working with it, just reimport the shape file. This might even be easier than generic import/export, because Farm Site doesn't ask very many questions when it works with shape files.

Ron Parker
Software Engineer
Farm Works Software


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Table Access Contd.

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Table Access Contd.

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