April 25, 2016 07:29PM
I have been thinking about a Microsoft Surface and picking up a blue tooth enabled gps. My reasoning for going this route is that I have custom hired equipment that is easier for me to go to them to get the data from their machines rather than have them try to be computer savy to send me the information in an email. Or try to run down their data card and come back home load it on my computer then try to find them to return the card. I am hoping to use the tablet as both a farm tool and as a business tool for all aspects of the farm. (research, markets, parts ordering, spreadsheets, other documents, etc.)
I hope that there is a way to do this through a tablet, if not, is the R & D team looking at something like this?
Bill Wagner

Yuma, Juno, or tablet

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Re: Yuma, Juno, or tablet

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Re: Yuma, Juno, or tablet

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Re: Yuma, Juno, or tablet

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Juno 3 capabilities

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Re: Juno 3 capabilities

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