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importing from excel file to VRA layer

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December 15, 2015 12:59PM
OK, I have a layer set up with multiple zones, similar to a soil type except it is for different fert rates of different products. because it will be a rather large layer (Lots of zones) I would like to import a .csv file to lay this info into the already set up zone layer (area). do I need to identify each zone such as a-1, a-2,a-3 up to i.e. a-50 then b-1 to b-50 then c-1 to c-50 and d-1 to d-50. a b c and d represent the columns of zones and 1 - 50- being passes of rows

to me, this is much the same as soil sampling.

my questions then are

1. how to identify each separate polygon to be able to insert the different numbers from the .csv. if you have any questions for me, please call me at the number you have for me.



importing from excel file to VRA layer

Robert BottensDecember 15, 2015 12:59PM

Re: importing from excel file to VRA layer

Kathy ClineDecember 16, 2015 12:27PM

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