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Re: Variable rate seeding

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February 06, 2015 09:23AM
You can start by following these steps, not certain how you plan on calculating where the field split was at. Maybe you have a application or harvest job that can be displayed behind the Planned VRA Job for editing purposes.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Place both hybrid supplies into the Working group box.
2. Click the Apply to Fields button.
3. Make the correct Client/Farm/Field name selection.
4. Click the Record Planned Job button.
5. When the farming screen appears, make sure you have the desired Job Name and Crop Enterprise.
6. Check the VRA boxes for each Supply.
7. A View Selection window will appear, enter a default rate for the first seed variety and click OK. Repeat for second supply.
8. Click OK at the Planned Farming screen.
9. In the upper left hand corner you will have a VRA Summary section.
10. From the Supply Drop down you will have both Supply names.
11. From the Mapping screen you will one a single map based upon the field Boundary.
12. You can used the Split line tool to create the different rate zones (if needing exact details may be best to call our support line at 800-282-4103 and technician can give better editing instructions during the process)
13. Once the map has been modified - entered the desired rate for the one supply listed. Left click on the Area on map receiving this rate and click the color button by the rate number on left.
14. Click the Add button and enter zero for the rate. This will be assigned a different color. Left click on the map acre that will not get this supply planted to and click the color button for the zero rate.
15. From the supply drop down from the VRA Summary select the second supply name.
16. Repeat steps 13 & 14.
17 Click Save and close when finished.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Variable rate seeding

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Re: Variable rate seeding

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Re: Variable rate seeding

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