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February 16, 2018 10:37AM
This is a followup to my message back in early December.
Version 2018.01.00.05
John Deere data imported from 2630
If I'm missing something, please let me know. I cannot see anyway of pulling up a report, or even looking in a specific job, to verify or edit the cost of an input in my spray jobs with tank mixes (all of them - anything with water and one chemical is a tankmix).
I'm at the point of pulling out information to do financial analysis for last year and I need to confirm that I have the correct costs associated with each input. I normally export a Field Activity Supply Cost report to Excel and manipulate it into a table that I can sort and group to my liking. The easiest way I've found is to add a column in my spreadsheet to divide the total cost by the total quantity used and then verify the input prices. I can make it work this way, but it shouldn't have to be this hard. Again, maybe I'm missing the secret location to see the cost. If I do find I need to update the cost of an input, the only way I know of to accomplish that at this point is to go in to every tank mix, in every job, one at a time, delete the input that the price needs to be updated on, and re-enter the input. That is still an enormous step backwards in functionality in my opinion. Maybe the software programmers have the assumption that we go to the input supply store, buy the correct quantity of inputs, come home with a detailed invoice with the price on it, enter that information in the software, apply the inputs, then import the data. That's not how it works in real life. Sometimes we pre-pay for certain things we know we're going to use ahead of time and are able to have the prices entered before application, and the prices from last year are often times close enough to do a little budgeting for this year, but often times (at least for chemicals), we don't know the exact price until the bill comes (long after we sprayed). Furthermore, I personally prefer to average out the price for inputs, so if they change over the course of a crop year, I enter an average price for them after all inputs are purchased/applied. I don't use the software to it's full capabilities, but one thing I try to do is put my spray jobs in as soon as I can to print out reports (which is a whole other topic - I'd like to see a better spray application report similar to most state required ones. Take a look at a Dicamba sample report online to see what I'm referring to). If I were to offer a couple of suggestions on what would make sense to make this process better, I'd say it would be ideal to have a utility that could update prices on inputs already logged in jobs, filtered by date. You could basically do before the jobs came in with the inputs in a Temporary Mix, just filter the jobs by input/date and change the price on all of them at once. At the very least be able to go into each tankmix and edit the price on a particular input without having to delete it/re-read it.

Input Prices

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