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Differences in Average Rates and changes in legend attributes

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May 18, 2017 02:07PM
I have mentioned this before but I am noticing the Average Rates for applied products is different depending where you look in Farm Works and now TAS. I also wish the Map Report of an original application job would show the minimum and maximum and averages rate as well as the total quantity in the legend.

If I print a Map Report of a spray job I get the total quantity and costs, but no average, min or max in the legend.
If I make a copy of that job and print a Map Report I get Min rate, Max rate and average rate, but the total quantity is 0.000 gallons.

I have also noticed that the average rate in the Map Report of the copy is different than the average rate you get if you select all the data and click on the "i" informatoin icon, or hand calcuale the average using acres for the sprayer or field acres divided by the total gallons, but matches the actual rate in the job properties and is correct if you divide the Applied Area by the total quantity.

So if developers get the average rate to print on the Map Report make sure it is the correct average rate. It would be nice if we could select which attributes we want to show up in the legend like you can in other ag software.

This is irritating when trying to provide detailed accurate Spray Reports for customers who need them for Dept of Ag pesticide reporting purposes.

I will email screen shots to Kathy.

Dusty Eddy
Professional Services Manager
ATI Solutions LLC
The Dalles, OR

Differences in Average Rates and changes in legend attributes

Dusty EddyMay 18, 2017 02:07PM

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