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December 10, 2016 08:57AM
I would be interested to hear how you suggest to handle cover crops. I recently planted about 200 acres of rye in corn stalks with the intention of no-tilling soybeans in 2017. Of course, FW looked at my planting data and identified the commodity as rye... as it should.... but can I go into those fields and change the crop to soybeans even though I have rye planted? I also have rye planted as a crop, but I need to differentiate between those I plant as a cover and those I plant as a crop.... before I do too much switching around, I would appreciate your advice and others who have encountered the same issue.

Cover Crops

RebfarmsDecember 10, 2016 08:57AM

Re: Cover Crops

Kathy ClineDecember 12, 2016 07:57AM

Re: Cover Crops

RebfarmsDecember 12, 2016 09:29AM

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